Roulette Table Manners

Roulette is a social game which means that other players will be at the table with you. Rule of thumb in this setup would be - don't bug other players and they won't bug you. Before you can start having a good time by making bets, it's best to know some roulette "table manners" so you can have a fun and friendly time while you gamble.

First and foremost, when the dealer says "No more bets", stop betting. It's not a yellow light, it's red one. You will have a few seconds to place your bets when the wheel starts spinning, but when the dealer says that, you better follow it. Sometimes, not following what the dealer says ends up in getting kicked out of the game... or worst, out of the casino.

Be polite. It's okay to be excited and show it. Just don't show it right at another player's face or yell at another player's ear. Respect other players' space. Don't go shoving people so that you can get your four feet of leg room, it's not a restaurant. Expect that people will come over and watch too. It's a social game, remember.

Don't handle chips until the dealer takes off the marker from the prior winning number. This is the time when the dealer removes the losing bets from the table and pays the winning bets. If you win, don't get too excited by grabbing chips from the roulette table, the dealer will hand over your winnings to you. Also, refrain from placing bets before the marker is removed from the table.

Be careful not to move other players' chips from their bets. Sometimes, lots of hands and arms catch one another when chips are placed on the table. Be aware of your surroundings so you don't accidentally move chips around you.

Don't lean to close to the roulette wheel. A slight movement of the table can cause the ball to jump while spinning. You don't want other players to say you're a cheat because of a slight move. A lot of players can get irate very quickly when they're losing. A slight nudge can cause them to lose it and accuse you of sabotaging the wheel.

Don't throw your chips. When you want to bet on a spot that's more than an arm's length from you, don't chuck it into place. You will cause more confusion than fun. You may ask someone closer to the space to place your bet for you. Make sure the dealer knows it yours too.

The last but not the least, tip the dealer. When you get a big win, tip the dealer as a sign of goodwill. Also, it's not unusual to hand a tip every few spins or so. It's better to play with a happy dealer than a grouchy one.

So, have fun at the roulette table. It is important to know the rules and it is important to know common courtesies. Everyone wants to have a great time gambling. Just practice these "table manners" and you're good to go. Have fun and good luck!